Flash News! "Menina a' Janela". We are proud to announce another bit of Cambridge Fake, because it was ... in Lisbon (slightly away).

Julien and Isabelle, decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Lisbon ! So, here we are again chez Pedro & friends, re-inventing the (in)famous guitar parties at Cambridge, many years after last time they played together (and again, many beers after, too).

subtitles The selection of this bit, "Menina a' Janela" (girl by the window), was because of Nadia, 8 years after, told Pedro this was her favorite Portuguese song (and she said in Belmont, near Fresh Pond, not in Cambridge. Confused? But this is Fake/Bake News!

Notice how the Glorious Musical Youth Club (C.J.M.) is well joined by other friends, including CITIDEP founding members, and how Julien keeps is guitar improvizos in great shape. This needs a refill ... soon.